Daxhotel is selling! (Giveaway inside…)

Daxhotel is selling! (Giveaway inside…)

1 January 1970

I honestly don’t know how successful I had Daxhotel expected to be; I hadn’t really thought about it at all. But I must say I was hugely impressed when I looked at the stats today and saw that since its debut on the App Store one week ago, my little iPhone app has been purchased exactly one hundred times.

As a thank you, I will send the first five people to comment on this blog entry (don’t forget to leave your E-Mail) a gift code for a free copy of Daxhotel, redeemable in the App Store (US only, unfortunately).

P.S.: For those of you asking: yes, I really set up (and coded) a blog just to tell you this. It’s not really finished: there’s still no RSS feed and comments are not yet validated (or moderated).


maxfulder at 01/01/70:

I just found the App, I think if you would start advertising on big trek homepage, it would sell far more ;)

Ben at 01/01/70:

Stop stop stop. Don't be so hasty. It takes time till people find it. I just found it last night and I think it is great! I definetly will show off at the next Star Trek convention with it. 1 Week is NOTHING. If you need some ideas how to promote better, please contact me. You've got my e-mail. Best, Ben

Jeff Sawyer at 02/06/09:

Wow, I just found out about this as I was scanning through Wil Wheaton's Flickr account. I'm not sure what's worse - that I follow Wil or that you made a Star Trek iPhone app like this. :D Great work though. I'd love to have a go at it! I'd also love to hear your insight on developing an app as I'm working on my first one right now!

Ednoria at 03/24/09:

I realize I'm late to the party, but if you still have a code or two left, I'd like one! Looks like a great app. I love how the iPhone/Touch inspires such creativity.

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