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Missing iOS Features

23 November 2010, Raphael Schweikert

Since Macworld posted a list which virtually overlaps nowhere (except for an option to mark all mail as read), I thought it would be interesting to mention my biggest gripes with iOS 4.2.

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PHP CSS Parser

10 June 2010, Raphael Schweikert

I’ve spent hours online looking for a CSS parser to use with PHP but all searches came up empty, half-assed or required me to register with some strange sites. Frustrated, I decided to write my own parser which is pretty much working but very incomplete. I don’t know whether this will be another write-once, update-never thing like much other PHP code on the web is but one feature is definitely coming: The ability to generate output from the parsed structure (which can be programmatically modified after parsing – or indeed have been created from scratch in PHP).

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