Crashes on load!?

Crashes on load!?

1 January 1970

I have received a number of complaints recently about Daxhotel crashing during the initial data download process. I will be investigating the issue but even if I have a bug fix ready, it may take a long time to get the app ready for approval since the last update which I submitted to Apple for approval two months ago is still being reviewed.

I will take the app off sale if I can confirm the crashes and re-submit a fixed version ASAP. Let's hope for the best.

Please comment if you have any insights.


Initial analysis shows that the episode lists on are broken, all season links only display the first season (technically speaking, this means that the season parameter is ignored, the list always displays the first season instead of the requested, e.g. second season). I have put up a warning in the app's description. It is not yet clear if this is the reason for the crashes but it's quite likely.

Update 2:

I've identified a second problem: the episode Encounter at Farpoint, Part I has gone offline and yields in a 404 not found error page. I've updated Daxhotel to fix both problems by means of The Web Archive and submitted the updated version to Apple for review. Let's hope they do. And quickly!


Chuck Fannin at 08/12/09:

I just bought Daxhotel. I'm running an iphone 3G with the latest software. It crashes whenever I try to load. Any ideas?

Tiberius at 09/18/09:

Any news on when the updated version will come through? I bought this application over a month ago, and I've still not gotten to use it..

Al Murray at 09/24/09:

I too am paid and waiting. With all the positive comments you would think things would move or at least have an update to the comments. If you ever need assistance testing, thats my work experience and would be happy to assist any time.

David W at 09/29/09:

How come you are still conning people into buying this app knowing that it is broken and not putting any warnings up on the Apple Appstore.

Al Murray at 10/04/09:

I dont think anyone would put so much into an application with so much dedicated time to be a con. However, based on those accolades for when it worked it will be worth what was paid. Be that as it may, when you pay for something it should work for a reasonable amount of time. Those of us in our excitement missed the note at the beginning of the app description and that is nobodys fault but our own. I dont mind waiting, what i want to see is a comment addressing the issue. the last comment was months ago from what i can see. we need an update or the adhoc version given so much accolades in itunes. if someone has a version that works, we all should

Al Murray at 10/08/09:

I commend your addressing the issues, comments and problems. It shows great class with what must be a difficult personal period of frustration. As with everyone else, I would select the adhoc version in liew of a refund any day. On reciept of your email when it arrives, I will be sure to test and will probably re rate appropriately. Publicly i want to appologize if I was personally difficult and express my appreciation for your addressing the issue.

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