Daxhotel = Fauxhotel?

Daxhotel = Fauxhotel?

1 January 1970

I’ve recently had to answer some emails asking (and rightly so) why Daxhotel, a currently unusable app is still being sold and I’ve had to come up with good answers all of which legitimate but none of them really convincing in itself. They were in essence:

To avoid these kinds of defences, I have decided to stop ripping people off and instead only rip those off that already purchased: I am making Daxhotel free for the time being (meaning as long as it’s not working).

Those who know how the app store work also know what this means: all the updates which are to (hopefully) come afterwards will also be free to the people who got it while it was free. So here’s your chance to get even and rip me off for a change…

Regarding the updates: I do intend to get the fixed version out – someday, it’s obviously taking longer than I thought it would. The fixed version is currently rejected (while the old version is still being sold even though nothing has changed except the added search and – obviously – the fix; but nothing that’s even remotely related to CBS’ IP…) and I’m currently in contact with a lawyer from CBS. Keep your fingers crossed.

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Al at 10/08/09:

Just a note I have not recd an email and purchased and have never had a working app. I look forward to recieving one and I will select the adhoc version as well. thanks

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